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Would New Falcons Stadium Guarantee Atlanta A Super Bowl? Roger Goodell: 'Hopefully'

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Roger Goodell and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank seem to get along fine, at least judging by Mr. Blank's public support of the ongoing (I think?) NFL lockout. Having previously said Atlanta needs a new football stadium in order to host another Super Bowl, the commissioner stuck to his guns during a Monday conference call with Blank and Falcons season-ticket holders.

Via ESPN's Pat Yasinkas:

The fan put Goodell on the spot and asked him to guarantee a Super Bowl if a new stadium comes to Atlanta. 

"I love the question,'' said Blank.


"You have a great community,'' Goodell said. "I think the stadium Arthur is talking about is going to be a great stadium. Hopefully, it will be a great host for the Super Bowl in the future.''

Not quite a guarantee, though that's not really Goodell's style anyway. It's become customary for new NFL stadiums to be awarded with Super Bowls, which perhaps explains a portion of Blank's desire to build an expensive new home for his team.

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