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New Orleans Saints Not Moving To Toronto, But We Can Still Dream

A Thursday remark by Toronto councillor* Doug Ford that a NFL Canada rep told him the Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints are being considered for relocation to the Great White Beyond** caused the Saints to immediately comment to the contrary. Maybe NFL Canada is just a couple years behind on the news?

First, why the Saints, instead of the Minnesota Vikings? Are the Vikes already locked in as Los Angeles' new team? New Orleans had relocation potential up to and after Hurricane Katrina, with owner Tom Benson at one point openly attempting to move the team to San Antonio. Since then, however, they've become one of the most entrenched franchises in pro sports.

Still, even if the Saints were a threat to move, it's hard to imagine a bigger culture shock awaiting the team's players upon a move to Canada. Instead of playing for what's been the NFL's most passionate fanbase for the past five years or so, they'd be playing in ... well, Canada. Even though Toronto is ethnically diverse and Canada's most American city, New Orleans is already its own country anyway, so that doesn't help.

Now a move to Quebec, on the other hand ...

* This is like a king crossed with a firefighter, I believe.

** It's called something like this.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.