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Falcons Not Worried About Julio Jones Going Bust, Says Thomas Dimitroff

While most Atlanta Falcons fans have come around to the idea of losing four draft picks, including a first-rounder, in the trade with the Cleveland Browns for Julio Jonessome of us are still mighty uneasy with the prospects of Jones joining a long line of failed top-10 receivers. GM Thomas Dimitroff, however, has no such concerns, telling's Albert Breer:

We weren't looking at it thinking about risks; we weren't making a decision like this with Julio with the concern that this player would bust. That was not even part of discussion, and everyone was part of this decision. Nobody in our organization feared bust or even mediocrity with Julio. It was never a concern. If there was a concern, it was more in line with, 'OK, how do we approach this? How do we get our heads around a two this year and, most importantly, the one next year.'

The article is very much worth reading, especially the part where Jones reviews film with Mike Mularkey and turns a question on crackback blocking into "I'll kill this DB." Everything we hear about Jones and the process* that went into his selection has been reaffirming -- is Jones' position the only thing keeping us skeptics from jumping on board? 

* Speaking of, Nick Saban also makes an appearance, describing Jones as the most level-headed player he's ever had.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.