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Julio Jones Foot Injury Healed Enough For Him To Regularly Practice With Falcons

As we work our way through the heat of June, a solid group of about 30 players have been continuing to practice throughout the current lockout. One of those dedicated players is Julio Jones.

Since being cleared to run by his doctor on May 17, Jones had been slowly increasing his workload and getting back up to full speed. Now he is consistently showing up at practice and displaying tenacity all over the field at what is essentially a very low-key practice. Jones was even seen nabbing a pass over the super-athletic Brent Grimes during practice last week.

If any doubt still lingers in the eyes of the fans that Jones isn't a high-effort guy, then I think this answers any and all questions. For the coaching staff, his teammates and Falcons fans alike, this is exactly what we want to see out a rookie. Jones has a lot of weight on his shoulders going into 2011, but clearly he's taking the necessary steps to fulfill those lofty expectations.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.