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Michael Vick Book Excerpts On Entering Prison, Lying To Arthur Blank

We're mostly happy for Michael Vick around here. Though the player who could've become the best player in franchise history was ultimately a waste of Atlanta's investment, he provided too many good memories and has turned his life around to such a degree that it's impossible to hold hard feelings.

He's got a co-written autobiography coming out called Finally Free, and you can read a few excerpts at the book's website. The two clips detail his habit for lying his way out of trouble -- including admissions that his infamous Miami airport water bottle did contain marijuana and that that skipped 2007 Washington D.C. function wasn't Airtran's fault -- and his thoughts on his last morning before entering prison. 

Looking at the chapter titles, it's clear about a third of the book will concern his time with the Atlanta Falcons. I'm sort of looking forward to reading it, but sort of dreading it too. As with most things Vick, it's hard to avoid dwelling over what might've been. Good for the Eagles for giving him a 17th chance, but I can't shake the feeling that Atlanta put in the time for Philly's gain.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.