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SI's Highest-Paid Athletes List Includes Matt Ryan, Dwight Howard, Mark Teixeira

Sports Illustrated has published its annual Fortunate 50 list, running down the 50 highest-paid athletes in American sports. The list combines salary, endorsements and so forth to give a look at each player's overall market value.

No Auburn Tigers made the cut, but a number of other players with local ties did. Making his top-10 debut and ranking second among all NFL players is Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, whose 2008 rookie contract broke the league and sent everybody into a fluster about first-year players making too much money. His status this year is boosted by a roster bonus he'll earn for playing his fourth season in Atlanta.

Also in the top 10: Atlanta native and future former Orlando Magic player Dwight Howard, who ranks fourth among NBA players. The next player with clear regional ties that I know of is former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets baseball player Mark Teixeira, who holds down No. 23 on the list. 

The only other current Atlanta player: Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks, whose contract is worth more than the entire Atlanta Thrashers franchise was. His lack of endorsements, however, slots him No. 43, just ahead of former Tech hooper Chris Bosh, the last on the list.

Did I miss anybody? Swear I missed somebody really obvious.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.