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NFL Top 100 Players: Roddy White Declared Top Falcons Player, No. 24 Overall

Could it really have been anyone else?

In the most recent installment of the top 100 countdown, Roddy was dubbed No. 24 on the massive best-of-the-best list over at With that, the Falcons now have five players in the top 100, which at this point is tied for the most players on the list from any one team (the other teams with five are the Chiefs and the Cowboys).

That ranking puts Roddy ahead of some fantastic receivers as well, including Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Dwayne Bowe, Reggie Wayne, and Calvin Johnson. It seems he's finally getting the recognition he deserves as an elite, game-changing wideout in the NFL.

As far as his performance goes, there really isn't much you can say about Roddy that hasn't already been said. He's coming off of his fourth straight season of over 1100 yards receiving. He lead the league in receptions with 115 big ones, 10 of which went for touchdowns. Roddy White was a one-man defensive wrecking crew on the field in 2010.

If you dig a little deeper, it turns out that he was even more impressive than those numbers indicate. Over the course of the season, Roddy was targeted 179 times, more than any other receiver. His 2.63 Win Probability Added (WPA), which measures a player's impact toward his team winning or losing, was almost a point higher than any other wideout in the league.

There were times when he clearly looked like the best guy out there on the field, which says something if you're in the NFL. Sure to go down as a Falcons all-time great, he truly is one of the best players the game has to offer today.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.