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Ray Edwards Could Be Unrestricted Free Agent Under New CBA

It appears that the renewed NFL labor talks are now moving faster than almost anybody expected.

According to ESPN's Chris Mortenson, a new deal between the players and NFL owners is finally beginning to take shape. Under the terms of this agreement, players would receive 48% of all revenue, and teams would obliged to spend "close to 100 percent of the salary cap" according to Mortenson's report.

However, perhaps the most important detail for the Falcons is that any player with at least four year's experience would be considered an unrestricted free agent. This means Vikings DE Ray Edwards, who was given a first round tender by Minnesota before the lockout, would now be free to sign with another team once free agency hits.

Back in May Edwards went on ESPN Radio and voiced his unwillingness to play for Minnesota, demanding to be traded or else threatening to quit the NFL entirely. Now, a deal that would potentially put Ray Edwards in a Falcons is absolutely possible under these new terms.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.