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Jessie Tuggle, Mark Price, Morten Andersen Inducted Into Various Local Halls Of Fame

Did you know Cherokee County, Georgia has a sports hall of fame? It's housed at the Canton YMCA, right in the middle of the facility. If you're coming out of the locker room, you can't miss it. The locale-specific sports hall of fame is fascinating.

Two local sports halls of fame, both of which are much bigger than Cherokee County's, inducted Atlanta athletes this weekend.

The Atlanta one welcomed Atlanta Falcons LB Jessie Tuggle, who also starred at Valdosta State and Griffin High (which contributed to his Georgia Sports Hall of Fame enshrinement, but probably not his Atlanta Sports Hall of Fame induction -- the locale-specific sports hall of fame is fascinating), Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets PG Mark Price and Peachtree Road Race founder Tim Singleton.

Both players still call Atlanta home, with Tuggle spotted at Falcons practices and events throughout the years and Price offering his services when Tech needed a new hoops coach.

Elsewhere, Morten Andersen -- longtime Falcons kicker who retired as a member of the Falcons and whose SB Nation tag clearly says ATL, all-time leading Falcons scorer, noted Dirty Bird, current Falcons television personality and Atlanta resident and the man whose kick sent the Falcons to their first of many Super Bowls -- was accidentally slotted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame for some reason. I cannot find an explanation for this mishap anywhere.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.