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DeAngelo Hall: NFL's Second Toastiest Cornerback

The interception is kind of a stupid stat. It's the simpleton's go-to metric for judging defensive backs, but forcing turnovers is at best the cornerback's third most important duty behind preventing catches and preventing backs or receivers from advancing the ball*.

Reliance on interceptions is how a terrible football player like DeAngelo Hall ends up with a $55 million contract and three Pro Bowls**, most recently thanks to a single horrible game by Jay Cutler.

The former Atlanta Falcons nuisance was burned 70 times on 99 targets in 2010, according to Doug Farrar. That's the second worst rate in the league and means almost every time Hall was attacked, the result was either a catch or an interception. That's not ideal. And he only had two picks of quarterbacks not named Cutler, which means throwing into Hall's coverage was almost always a good idea.

If we're impressed by Hall's six picks, we should also note the number of yards he gave up on the season: 1,055. That's an entire very good season's worth of yards for one receiver, and he's supposed to be Washington's ace cornerback. Daniel Snyder overvalues interceptions, and that makes perfect sense.

He is very, very bad at that, too. Oh, you thought I was going to link to him getting steamrolled by Michael Turner or 52-year-old Mike Smith? Overkill.

** But he was the 2010 Pro Bowl MVP! Oh. He made a great play in an exhibition game, and is thus fantastic at sports.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.