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NFL Lockout Could End In Atlanta, According To Reports

According to a report by Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter, the NFL lockout could end July 21. That's the target date, FWIW, and at least one team owner all but assumes a deal will be in place by the end of that Thursday. But what's the local connection?

Owners and players will be meeting in Atlanta that week. Having tried out Boston, Chicago and elsewhere and finding them unsatisfactory, the two parties would certainly be wise to try and wrap up business over a round of Sweetwaters.

If Atlanta is able to serve the greater good by hosting the death of the NFL lockout, the town should probably be awarded a Super Bowl. Makes sense to me.

The best news: a July 21 agreement would mean the entire preseason, NFL Hall of Fame Game and onward, could still be completed. Free agency would reportedly begin one week after the striking of the deal. It's all just a report at this point, but get ready, sports fans.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.