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Deion Sanders Says Hall Of Fame Bust Will Sport Hairstyle He Had In Atlanta

The Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn't ask inductees to choose a team for their busts to be associated with, the way other halls of fame do. Good news for Deion Sanders, who'd have a lot of tough choices to make in whittling down the list of teams he played for. However, he's found a way to show that his heart is still in the right place.

In an interview with 680 The Fan's Rude Awakening, Sanders promised a bust with a hairstyle similar to the one he had in Atlanta:

With all the great Falcons and the great players that played this game in those Atlanta Falcons uniforms it really is [surprising to be the team's first inductee], and I'm thankful.

I'm reminded by Taylor Smith, the former owner, who once told after he let go of me in free agency with a smile on his face ‘If it [Hall of Fame induction] ever happens please remember us. Just remember us.'

I said ‘I will. I definitely will.' I never forgot.

This is the genesis of my career. This is where it all started. I would never lose sight of that. I never wanted to leave, but I had to leave. I was never offered a contract. I'm happy that I am back and I am elated. The bust is going to have curls because you make the bust the way you wanted, so I'm going to have hair. The hair clip for me and they didn't make black hair like I wanted. I'm going to get my hair on the bust that they have for the Hall of Fame, so I will have hair.

Deion is my favorite player ever, in case I need to keep saying that.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.