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NFL Lockout: Domonique Foxworth Got To Play Labor's Ace

We don't write very often about the NFL lockout here, because (A) has the web's single best document on the history of the entire story*, and (B) very little of it has anything to do with the Atlanta Falcons specifically, as Arthur Blank has been wisely quiet and no current players are among the most prominent NFLPA members. And (C) it's SO BORING.

Here's one, though, that we'd probably write about even if it didn't have a local connection. Former Atlanta Falcons CB Domonique Foxworth was given the task of unloading the players union's secret weapon on the NFL. And it worked.

As Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter reports, the NFLPA revealed Wednesday night that long ago it had purchased lockout insurance for each of its players. Foxworth got to deliver the news to stunned owners. In case you wondered why a burst of good news has broken out about the lockout in the past day or two, there's your answer.

A player who performed very well during his time in Atlanta and is known as a good guy off the field was granted the privilege of delivering DeMaurice Smith's gamechanger, and that's pretty awesome.

Now let's bring this thing home to Atlanta and get it over with.

* Though I'm proud to say I've contributed more to that StoryStream than anybody but Joel Thorman himself, who is the world's most handsome robot.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.