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Falcons Players Check In At Training Camp Tuesday: 'Excited To Get Here'

Players were finally allowed into team facilities today, and with none other than Matt Ryan and Dunta Robinson being among the very first to show up. Both were part of a larger group of players making their way into Flowery Branch this morning, including Brent Grimes, Jonathan Babineaux, Eric Weems, and Coy Wire.

Later in the day, Ryan took the podium and addressed members of the media on finally getting back to work:

I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I was excited to get here.

He touched on several things, including finally getting to sit down and talk with new quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski. Ryan also guessed that he and the rest of the offense will start getting some real practice in this Thursday, giving Mike Smith his vote of confidence that the Falcons will be ready.

Our esteemed quarterback also had some high praise for Julio Jones:

It says alot about Julio to take it on himself to get here this offseason, not under contract, clearly with no mandatory reason to be in this city and to be working out with us... He's dedicated, he's a smart guy. It's going to be great to have the opportunity to work with him for the next five, six, seven weeks.

Wire and Robinson also talked with reporters today. According to Wire, it seems that most of the players have shown up to camp in good shape, having taken it upon themselves to stay fit throughout the lockout:

@FalconsJAdams Coy: So far, I don't see any big blips walking around in the locker room, so guys have been taking care of themselves

Everyone in this organization- players, coaches, personnel- really seem to be on top of things as the season really gets under way. If all goes according to plan, Falcons training camp should begin on Friday.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.