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Atlanta Falcons Announce Entire Roster Had Offseason Surgery

Mike Smith isn't the world's biggest fan of sharing injury information. The world's biggest fan of sharing injury information is probably either @InjuryExpert or Facebook. So the Atlanta Falcons coach may have actually kind of liked the NFL lockout, since it prevented any players from having to answer any questions about their offseason medical concerns.

And boy oh boy were there some of those!

Officer Curtis Lofton actually filed paperwork on his knee surgery during the lockout, but the rest of the roster waited until reaching Flowery Branch to disclose en masse news of their operations, leading to your assumption that training camp looks like the staging area for the second season of The Walking Dead. < --- must reference this show every three or four days

On the first day of camp, Michael Turner opened up about his groin surgery. Eric Weems mentioned a "minor" knee surgery. The most exciting revelation, however, was the news that Ray Edwards would miss Friday night's preseason opener due to a summer knee surgery, which -- no wonder he was so inexpensive! I'm probably forgetting five or six.

It's a little much to take all at once, and leaves you in the weird position of bracing against news that's already happened, as if you are a _______. < --- need your help finishing that one

But that's sports fandom sometimes. You look at the mirror one day and realize you're just a ______. < --- paste it in here too

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.