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Pretty Sure Dogfighting Is Always 'Redneck' Behavior, Fox News

Some Fox News show saw itself derailed all the way across a railyard the size of the world of sadness beneath the Georgia Dome when its central haircut called Michael Vick's dogfighting associates "rednecks," or something. Statements were just kind of tumbling all over the place. I think his point was that black people don't like dogfighting. I don't know why that was his point.

Moon Pies were also slandered.

This all led to awkward, racial hem-and-hawing that required multiple stops and starts and commercial breaks, making it almost like watching the NFL's new automatic touchback rule in action. And lots of attractive giggling because he said "Chinamen," which must be pretty good Fox News humor.

I can't fathom what's challenging about acknowledging dogfighting is a redneck activity no matter who conducts it. There we go. Remember, among the central tenets of our operation: every town is a terrible sports town, and every place on earth has lots and lots of rednecks. All soccer riots are conducted by rednecks, as are all dogfighting rings.

Good morning, by the way!

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.