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The 'F' In 'Atlanta Falcons' Stands For 'Futuristic'

What do the other 12 letters stand for? We'll find out in a few decades, friend.

National Football Post has a look at the Atlanta Falcons' advanced use of biomechanical scouting analysis and heart rate monitors, with Thomas Dimitroff showing up as the NFC South Steve Jobs or Richard Branson or whoever, and Sean Weatherspoon as Iron Man or the Six Million Dollar Man or Mega Man.

Dimitroff has a Slavic name of some sort and seems like a pretty unusual guy, so we used to do this thing at The Falcoholic where we'd write up his dialog as if it came from a Russian propaganda poster that had come to life and now spends its free time bicycling up cliffs. If we still did that, we could come up with some pretty great stuff for him to say about all these fancy gadgets!

Also, my only Russian friend received a movement sciences degree as one of his many degrees. Reading "Dimitroff began thinking hard about the science of movement years ago" reminded me of that.

Thanks for listening.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.