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Falcons Vs. Steelers: Ray Edwards Expected To Make Atlanta Debut

The Falcons enter their next-to-last tuneup of the year Saturday night in Pittsburgh.

The Atlanta Falcons have been without free agency prize Ray Edwards for their first two preseason games. But based on the depth chart released by the team Monday, Falcons fans will finally get a chance to observe the Minnesota Vikings import in action. Sounds like pretty good news to me.

Other depth chart curiosities, as pointed out by The Falcoholic, include Garrett Reynolds starting again at RG, Kerry Meier listed as WR No. 2 and the return of Reggie Kelly. Expect starters to get in solid playing time, even though they played most of the first half against the Jaguars last week.

If you watch one Falcons preseason game this year, make it this one!

Oh, right. The Falcons are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, to whom they lost in last year's regular season opener. Vengeance upon Dennis Dixon, thy name is the third quarter! No, whatever. As long as Mike Tomlin lightens up a little bit, we'll all go home happy.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.