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Michael Turner, Workhorse: "I Still Feel Young"

Michael Turner led the NFL in 2010 with 334 rushing attempts. That's not an exorbitantly high number for the league's most worked running back. By comparison, in 2008 when he also led the league, Turner carried the ball 376 times. Nevertheless, that's a fairly big number for a back who tweaked his groin in Week 2.

Turner may not have been fully 100 percent, but he managed to appear in all 16 of Atlanta's regular season games, as well as their lone postseason affair. Quite frankly though, at 28 years of age and with 888 carries under his belt the past three combined seasons, Turner likely won't ever be as healthy and fresh as he was when he joined the Falcons in 2008.

That doesn't mean the two-time Pro Bowler can't still be a huge piece in the Falcons' offensive arsenal these next several seasons. And if you ask him, he feels as good as he did back in '08 when he was just itching to get a regular workload after sitting behind LaDainian Tomlinson for four years in San Diego.

Turner fielded questions about his healthy and the Falcons' outlook for 2011 in a Monday interview with 790 The Zone. After the jump, a few choice excerpts from Turner's interview.

How does your body feel now prior to the way it did before the 2008 season with all the wear and tear you have had over the past few seasons?

"I really don't feel a difference to tell you the truth. People expect me to be hurting and in agonizing pain every day getting up. I am really not. I still feel young. I still feel fresh. Now to be playing for four years I'm really happy to get some real action now."

How banged up were you last year after you tweaked a groin against Arizona?

"Yeah it's been there the whole time and the whole season. It got to the point where I was use to running like that. I needed a special wrap every week to help me run, but it is what it is. It is football. Everybody is not 100%. That's not the plan. I just take it is as that and wait until the off-season to get it fixed."

Is it frustrating to hear people say what is wrong with Michael Turner last season when they just don't know you are not playing at 100%?

"You can't listen to what everyone says about you. Everybody doesn't know the truth. I just stayed focused at football and helped my team win every week."

(Transcription via: Sports Radio Interviews)

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.