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Falcons Vs. Steelers Update: Jacquizz Rodgers Busts Out The Moves As Score Remains 24-16

Well, the second-team Falcons took the field in the third quarter, and performed about as well as I reasonably expected. Even the 2nd-string Steelers D is pretty tough. The Redman-led offense went to work, and Rojohombre has yet again been the efficient game-manager we all expect him to be. Michael Palmer had a really nice 19-yard catch and run on the first drive.

Then on the second offensive possession of the half, we got reacquainted with our friend Jacquizz Rodgers. He racked 30 yards on only five touches, and added in two catches for 12 yards just for good measure. Some runs he looked shifty as he busted to the outside, and others 'Quizz showed suprising power as took it up the middle against the backup Steeler defense. If he ends up being third-string, I'd call him the best No. 3 back in football. Good draft pick.

The defense was solid, and held the Steelers scoreless on their one possession of the quarter. While backup Isaac Redman had a few pretty successful runs, the rotating front four of the Falcons never really let Bryon Leftwich get settled enough to make a good throw. While we'll likely see more of the second-string teams next quarter, it will be interesting to see who gets playing time and who doesn't.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.