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Falcons Trading For Osi Umenyiora? Nope, And Now Nobody Else Is Either

That rumor of the Atlanta Falcons trading the New York Giants for DE Osi Umenyiora that's been trotted out since about five minutes after the Falcons didn't sack Aaron Rodgers enough times? Begone with it!

The Giants have apparently had it with teams (likely including the Falcons, according to Jason La Canfora) offering second- and third-round picks for the disgruntled pass rusher instead of the first-rounder they feel he's worth.

Not sure what's funnier: the Giants expecting a top draft pick for a player they're clearly itching to rid themselves of, or the fact that the Redskins haven't gone ahead and pulled the trigger. I mean, it's a transaction just begging to be made. You guys love transactions!

The Falcons pass rush will be fine, or at least better than it was last year, but I really like the idea of adding one more big-name DE. The Giants, speak of the devils, won a Super Bowl with defensive line depth.

Let's wait and see if Osi ends up getting cut. This free agency period hasn't been anywhere near crazy enough yet.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.