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Behind The Scenes Of Falcons Free Agency: Today's Must-Read

Here's Peter King doing what he does best: delivering a story that's sort of about Thomas Dimitroff welcoming the headlong onrush of abbreviated NFL free agency but the kind of thing that's of interest to fans of any NFL team. This also means it doesn't contain any travel notes or Cam Newton pettiness.

Go read the whole thing, but let's discuss these kernels of insight:


  • Re-signing Justin Blalock was right up there with landing Ray Edwards and re-signing Tyson Clabo. You continue to learn more and more about Blalock's value.
  • The Falcons wanted to offer Charles Johnson something like $7 million per year. Getting a division rival to pay almost twice that may have been Dimitroff's most masterful achievement yet.
  • Jose Acuna, Nevada Wolf Pack tackle, was nearly a Falcons UDFA before joining the Cowboys. Among all kernels, this is the least-thrilling.
  • Falcons front office personnel cool out with yoga and Norah Jones. That combination would kill any man less-adapted to the arts of relaxation. Trading for Julio Jones may have required these items plus a XBox Kinect game. Any of them! They're so boring.
  • Also, Dimitroff's biking heart rate may be 16.
  • At one point the Falcons may have sort of considered picking up Ty Warren. Silly, Ty Warren is really heavy.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.