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Kentucky Football Borrows Falcons' 'Rise Up' Campaign To Try And Make People Care About Kentucky Football

We were certain the day would never come, but we'll say it anyway: This hype video needs more nu-metal.

Per Kentucky Sports Radio, that's a shaky phone cam grab of UK football's rumored 2011 jumbotron "entrance video" (we're all headed to a WWE cultural palate, some just quicker than others). And hey, if one person put forth enough effort to illegally capture and upload a Kentucky football commercial, the job's already done.

The clip was shown at the UK Football Women's Clinic - every SEC school has these, they're the segregated proms of Southern misogony - and one former national championship winning quarterback was left to answer the hard questions:

When I asked Tee Martin if this was the new pregame intro video, he dodged the answer, praising the video’s originality instead.

Yes, that's it... you play it coy, Tee Martin. That's how to build anticipation around the biggest on-campus afterthought in the conference! 

We couldn't help but notice the similarities between UK's gospel hype joint and the Michael Bay budgeted version the Atlanta Falcons released last summer, starring Samuel L. Jackson (who, if he ever went the Ochocinco route, we assume would legally be named "FUCK YOU"). Choirs and generic inspirational dialogue and unrealistic expectations - this is the directorial route you take when the editor can't find enough quarterback sacks. But hey, no harm, no foul, Cats. After all, us non-traditional success stories have to stick together. 

As for the clip itself, someone please prove us wrong that any inspirational sports video is doomed to kitsch mockery if it has an absence of Final Cut Pro smash-editing and a soundtrack featuring either A) hip-hop that would fit nicely onto the 1998 "Godzilla" soundtrack or B) any two minutes of an aural brush fire by Staind, Cold, Saliva, Slipknot, Cuntknuckle, Godsmack, or anything else in the Junior College Chili's Line Cook Angst genre.

Maybe the Fred Durstian aspects of an amateur highlight clip or school-produced hype clip are really the secret ingredient. OH WA AH AH AH well.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.