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Madden 12 Gameplay Videos Show Falcons-Eagles First Half, Atlanta Intros


We're getting a good sense of what EA Sports thinks of the Atlanta Falcons, but now let's take a look at how the team operates in Madden 12. This is so important. Via Pasta Padre, here are two videos showing pregame festivities before a home game against the Philadelphia Eagles, which include a shot of the Georgia Dome and player intros, and two quarters of actual gameplay.

The two videos, and then some notes:

You never thought you'd see the Georgia World Congress Center in a videogame, but here we are. Well, maybe a The Walking Dead videogame. I might pay $120 for a The Walking Dead videogame based in Atlanta, but only if you could totally ignore doing missions.

Intro stuff is pretty realistic, though sadly lacks mascot ATV action. Not enough fire, neither. #EverySouthernerIsAPyromaniac

Good gracious Mike Smith looks trim. Somebody's been punching DeAngelo Hall in the chest all offseason!

I love the idea of MATTY ICE MATT RYAN stunting harder than Roddy White during introductions. Sean Weatherspoon is a pretty good pre-game hollering choice. I wonder if there's a player rating for that.

Music seems about right: wrestling rock and stuff that sort of sounds like T-Pain but is probably by somebody else.

Michael Turner catches multiple passes in one half of football. I take back everything I said about realistic, you guys.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.