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Dolphins Vs. Falcons, NFL Preseason: Are You Ready For Rushed, Sloppy Football?

The Atlanta Falcons open their 2011 preseason schedule Friday night against the Miami Dolphins.

If it seems like the Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins frequently appear on each other's preseason schedules, there's a pretty good reason for that. To minimize travel, the NFL likes to pair up teams that are close to each other as often as possible. Nobody's really all that close to Miami, so voila!

The preseason opener is scheduled for Friday, August 12 at 7:30 pm ET at the Georgia Dome. CBS is handling TV duties.

Like the Falcons, the Dolphins aren't really going to bother with constructing a game plan for the contest. It's all about Jimmies and Joes, not X's and O's, as each team has to whittle itself down by darn-near half over the next month. That, coupled with an abbreviated onboarding period and minimal training camp means we can expect to see some amusing, slapped-together sports being played.

The Falcons have released a tentative depth chart in advance of Friday night's game, casting all eyes on the position battles between Garrett Reynolds and Mike Johnson at guard, Chris Owens and Dominique Franks at nickel and Peria Jerry and Corey Peters at defensive tackle.

Expect punter Matt Bosher to be challenged b- you know what I always say? I always say, "Don't expect anything when it comes to punters."

The Dolphins have also revealed their lineups, with Reggie Bush (remember him!) getting the start at punt returner and former Georgia Bulldogs safety Reshad Jones among those wrangling for a first-string spot. 

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.