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VIDEO: Georgia Force Player Grabbed By Fan During Kickoff Return

Going to an Arena Football game feels more like going to a wrestling match than a football football game. Teams interact with the crowd before the game and between plays, fans reach over the wall to encourage defenders who've just been driven to their own goal line and road players play up the villain thing every chance they get.

Say, here's a pretty good example:

Sunday night, the Georgia Force traveled to play the Arizona Rattlers in a playoff game with a trip to the championship on the line. As you can see, the Rattlers had arranged for a run-in, and [steel chair joke]. Force kick returner C.J. Johnson was withheld by a helpful fan, who quickly earned high fives from his seatmates and even some Arizona players. I'm sure security rolled up at some point, but the cutaway to replay keeps your hopes alive that they actually never did.

Attending a Force game, you notice the guy dressed up like Darth Vader or the Grim Reaper or Sad High Schooler who sits in the end zone and looms over a Coca-Cola while patting players on the shoulder. Arena football is pretty fun.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.