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Falcons Vs Ravens Update: Defensive Unit Looking Stout As Ravens Lead 3-0 At Halftime

This may or may not be the most boring NFL game you've ever seen. The Falcons defensive success may be mostly a product of Hunter Cantwell's struggles more than great play, but I suppose it's better than getting shredded by the Ravens' third-string QB.

The Redman-led offense took over for their fourth drive of the game, and again were forced to punt. That's not exciting. What was exciting, however, was that the Falcons ran a WR reverse (gasp!) to Julio Jones that went for a nice 14-yard pickup. Both Julio and Redman took big hits at the end of that play though, so maybe there's a better time/place for those gadget plays, eh Mularkey?

Matt Bosher took the field and had another great punt, a 39-yarder that pinned the Ravens at their own 12. At this point, practically every defensive starter was pulled from the game. Thus, it's only fitting that on the three ensuing drives both offenses went three-and-out. Have we hit the record for three-and-outs in a game? I think we may have. I know the point of the game is player evaluation, but please Coach Smith you're killing me!

Following all those defensive shutdowns, Jacuquizz started the drive off right with a nine-yard rush on first down, and made it seem as though the Falcons would finally get that elusive first down they'd been looking for. However, Ravens LB Jason Phillips had other intentions, and on second down he picked off John Parker Wilson on a short pass intended for Strickland.

That turnover put the Ravens at the Atlanta 24-yard line with a few minutes to work with. The Falcons, however, held strong, and on third-and-goal a would-be TD pass over Chris Owens was negated by an offensive interference penalty. Following another incompletion by Cantwell, the Ravens elected to go for a field goal and this time Billy Cundiff's try would hold true, putting Baltimore up 3-0 at the half.

Still, there have been a few positive performances so far that are worth mentioning. Dominique Franks has played very well in his start against the backup Ravens. Peria Jerry has had a couple of nice QB pressures against Baltimore's second-team offense. We've even seen Mike Peterson play like his old hard-hitting self a little bit tonight.

A few guys to watch going forward are Chauncey Davis and Rafael Bush, as both could be fighting for their Falcon lives. At least you know not to watch the scoreboard. That's clearly not changing much these days.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.