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Falcons Vs. Ravens Update: Falcons (Finally) Score Via Antone Smith TD Run, Still Trail 10-7

Following that first half snoozefest, both teams have their third-string units out on the field. Now is where we really see the gritty battles between fringe players for roster spots. It may not always be pretty, but given that many of these guys are playing for their professional lives, one thing you won't see in this game is lack of effort.

And effort is exactly what we saw from Antone Smith. On the Falcons' first offensive drive of the second half, Smith carried the ball four times, the last of which being a beautiful 46-yard TD run that put the Falcons up 7-3 over the Ravens. For those watching, you probably just saw Smith win a roster spot right before your very eyes. He's already racked up an impressive 88 yards on only six touches.

However, for every up there's a down, and that down is the pass protection. A few plays could've been simply a product of JPW holding onto the ball to long, but both Redman and Wilson have taken shots all game. That pressure ultimately forced an errant pass that became a pick-six. Pass blocking could stand to improve all around.

The defense looked a little shaky early, but then settled down and continued their dominance from the first half. Kamaal McIlwain had the big play on defense, getting good position and picking off an ill-advised Cantwell pass. Also worth noting is a nasty Carlton Powell and Robert James combo sack on a third-and-10. 

Oh, and if you didn't know, Sean Weatherspoon has quite the voice on him. Given the slow pace of tonight's game, the broadcasting crew enticed 'Spoon to sing us a song, and I was quite impressed. 'Spoon also claimed Williams Moore to be the team's best rapper, which I would love to hear. Yes, I digress, but need I remind you that we're talking about practice preseason? Ravens lead 10-7.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.