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Falcons Vs. Bears: Matt Ryan Way Too Polite To Criticize Chicago's Wretched Turf

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is a really nice guy. Some might say a little too nice. But he's set a new benchmark here with his refusal to go in on the Soldier Field turf on which the Falcons will play the Chicago Bears this weekend:

It's something you can't really worry about too much. Our equipment staff here does a great job of having everything at our disposal up there. I know (Equipment Manager) Brian Boigner and his staff will have all of the equipment that we need up there and we'll be ready to play under whatever circumstances there are.

Soldier Field's legendary turf has already canceled one football-related event this year. Players around the league complain about it for the danger it poses, but not Atlanta's quarterback. Which proves he's Atlanta's quarterback.

He may be from Pennsylvania and Boston, but he's lived in the Southeast long enough to know you don't go around criticizing a neighbor's lawn care without drastic cause.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.