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Stephen Garcia Scouted By Atlanta Falcons, According To Report

We've looked at South Carolina Gamecocks cornerback Stephon Gilmore as a potential second-round pick for the Atlanta Falcons. How about a certain famous former teammate of Gilmore's? Perhaps Stephen Garcia himself, who reportedly met with an Atlanta scout at the Battle of Florida game?

According to Scout's Aaron Wilson, Garcia says he was up front with the Birds about his adventurous past:

During his conversation with the Falcons scout, all of Garcia's transgressions at South Carolina were discussed. And Garcia said he didn't leave anything out, to the scout's approval.

"I went down the list and he said he appreciated the honesty," Garcia said. "He told me to stay on that track, and I will. I just wish I had changed earlier. I didn't fully understand until it was too late. I'm doing everything I can to do things the right way."

It's not out of the question that Atlanta could draft a quarterback late. The Falcons could bring on another quarterback should Chris Redman depart.

But would Arthur Blank approve of a quarterback who was suspended ... /counts on fingers ... many times by Steve Spurrier for various events, including showing up smelling of alcohol at a team function and carousing before a bowl game (in Atlanta!)? I sure don't think so. While Garcia is as talented and capable as just about any passer available, and has the chance to prove himself a great value if he's able to fly straight, the new order Birds have yet to take a QUOTE FINGERS character risk even for instant impact players.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.