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Kelechi Osemele, NFL Draft 2012: The Iowa State Monster

Standing at 6'5" and weighing 347 lbs Kelechi Osemele has the ideal measurables you want from a mauling, franchise offensive lineman. Like many players who are trending in the 2nd-3rd round he's not without fault though, but he seems to be a player in a prime position to get taken too early by a team who falls in love with his size, and how he carries it.

While he played left tackle for Iowa State make no mistake, Osemele isn't light on his feet enough to play offensive tackle in the NFL. Most likely he'll be asked to transition to guard, and due to his size he's probably best suited at RG. However, he does have above average athleticism for his position which could allow him to move around the OL where needed. What he represents to the Falcons though is a certain nastiness their offensive line sorely needs. Adding someone like Osemele would immediately make life easier for Michal Turner, and he has quick enough feet in the pass blocking game to help take some of the pressure of Todd McClure and prevent DTs getting down-field so quickly.

Watching Kelechi Osemele on film he reminds a lot of the Pouncey brothers. He tends to get a little high in his blocks at times, but a lot of his deficiencies are made up for with excellent foot speed. The combine will mean a great deal to Osemele, especially the interview process because he's had some off-field issues to contend with during his college career.

National Football post are grading him at 6.6, which truly puts him in the 'boom or bust' category. He'll either be a star, or flame out- as they say "there is no middle ground". In these situations I like to get a sense of a player's character, and the best way to do this is here how they address and work with the media. I really liked this clip from before the season as Osemele addresses his team's chances.

Ultimately though we tend to over analyze these players. At the end of the day he is a mountainous offensive lineman with good agility and ability. He's not without his flaws, otherwise he'd be a first round selection- but with a little bit of time I can't help but feel that if a team can harness his abilities and hone his technique they will get an absolute gem.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.