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NFL Free Agency: John Abraham Wants $10 Million Or So

Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham doesn't seem to relish this whole free agency thing. He believes he's worth more than he's been paid, but doesn't like looking like a bad guy for asking like a raise. He recently went on 790 The Zone to explain his financial situation, at one point referencing $12 million as the going rate for a top defensive end. Since that number came out of his mouth, it's the one that's being latched on to. As in, "John Abraham wants $12 million! Can you believe him!"

He's deleted his tweets from Friday night, but the most fiscally relevant one was this:

John Abraham(Mr.100)@johnabraham55

I did not ask for 12 million a year, I simply stated that good ends make 12-16 a year & I asked if I was worth 10?

That seems more reasonable. Still more than Atlanta's going to want to pay for a player going into his 13th season, but easier to work with if the Falcons are interested in bringing him back. However, Abraham's agent has implied the two sides are very far apart.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.