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Levy Adcock, NFL Draft 2012: With A Mullet Like This, How Can You Go Wrong?

I have my biases... there, I said it. These are definitely biases, not prejudices. If I see a linebacker come out of college with 100+ tackles and a last name with 6 consonants in a row- chances are I'm going to like you. Similarly, if you're a big horse of an offensive lineman and you sport a mullet there's a good chance you'll remind me of Bubba from that terrible movie 'Varsity Blues', but after that you'll probably really peak my interest.

So what do we make of a man who sports an epic mullet and gets bonus points for being named Levy? Well, you have Levy Adcock from Oklahoma State; an offensive lineman worth watching.

At 6'6", 322lbs Adcock is a power blocker who played extremely well protecting Brandon Weeden for Oklahoma State. While he was responsible for protecting Moore's blindside it's highly unlikely he projects to be a future LT at the next level. The reason for this is his lack of top-level athleticism that's required for the position. More likely he'll be a right tackle, and even more likely than that his future will be at guard.

Where he truly excels though is in the run game, and its here where he'll make the biggest impact in the NFL. Adcock definitely need to tweak his technique in order to get the most from his leverage, but as the National Football Post point out he has an explosive characteristic to his game.

Does his best work in the run game where he can really coil up into his stance, keep his base down, back flat -even from a three point stance- and really looks explosive coming off the football. Generates a real snap through hips into contact, gains leverage off the ball and extends his arms well at the point. Can create an initial surge off the football as an in-line guy with the power through his hands to stick and drive his man down the field. Absolutely can dominate when blocking down inside and can take defensive lineman right out of the play.

Levy isn't the kind of player who I think is worth the Falcons' second rounder though, as he's too much of an unknown quantity at this point. He has some of the characteristics you want, but he isn't 1st year starter material. I project him to be a solid 3rd round selection, and at that point he would be a quality selection.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.