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Super Bowl 2012, Giants Vs. Patriots: Items Of Particular Interest To The Peach State Sports Fan

The Georgian's long quest to find a team to root for in a Super Bowl that pits New York against Boston may have been solved upon a reminder that an Atlanta vice president, OutKast's Big Boi, has long rooted for Massachusetts teams once Georgia teams are eliminated. It's not a whole lot, but it's about all we have to go on. For actual, national coverage of Super Bowl 2012, visit We're just going to sulk in our southernness for a moment here, thank you.

Also, for the Peach State college football fan (but I repeat myself!), there are minor ties to Georgia and Georgia Tech, though it should also be pointed out that Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien was once an eight-year Yellow Jackets staffer and is bringing several Tech men to Penn State with him, including former quarterback George Godsey.

The local highlight may be a rumored halftime show contribution by Cee-Lo Green of Goodie Mob. While he's not exactly going to perform all six minutes of "Beautiful Skin," it's about all we have to work with. Seriously, I've looked through this entire Super Bowl StoryStream and this one with videos of the commercials we know about, and that's all I've got.

Oh, Giants linebacker Michael Boley played for the Falcons at one point. And there are probably lots of players from Georgia high schools. As always.

For far superior Super Bowl coverage, visit, Giants blog Big Blue View, Patriots blog Pats Pulpit, SB Nation Boston and SB Nation New York.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.