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Roddy White Defends Saints' Bounty System, In A Roddy White Sort Of Way

The NFL Network and writer Steve Wyche entertained the perpetually entertaining Roddy White on Friday, who had a two-pronged summation of the current bounty scandal plaguing the New Orleans Saints:

1. It didn't work, at least against the Falcons:

"If they did have bounties on us, they never got any of our guys out of the game," he said while visiting NFL Network studios in Los Angeles on Friday. "It was unsuccessful."

2. Whatevez, anyway, because football is football:

"It didn't bother me because like they're trying to take people's heads off we're trying to take people's heads off," White said. "Especially when we play against them, it's like a rivalry and it's a little extra in the week that you get ready for that game.

2a. Also, football is fast:

"Them going out and putting bounties on guys and things like that I guess it was motivation for them. During the game though, as fast as football is being played, I don't think you can intentionally try to injure guys because the game happens so fast."

So there you have it - absent a raid of future draft picks and timely suspensions for coaches and players, this is certainly punishment enough for Saints fans - that the reviled Roddy White is actually taking up for the city that looooooves him so.

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