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Andrew Datko, NFL Draft 2012: Potential Starter in the 3rd-4th Round

In this series of posts we've already covered Datko's teammate Zebrie Sanders, and now we're looking at the Seminoles' RT from 2011, and the player who I think could be the better offensive lineman. Standing 6'6", 315lbs he certainly has the size you want from a right tackle. However, he lacks the power and nastiness you like to see from a player his size; but this is something that can ultimately be worked on in an NFL caliber strength and conditioning program.

While Datko has a good bend, he struggles to anchor and hold his ground after contact. He is often pushed back into the backfield leading me to question his lower body strength. Datko also struggles to create a push off the line of scrimmage limiting which limits his scheme versatility.

Overall, Datko looks like a mid level prospect with limited upside. He has the ability to start in the NFL but will be nothing more than a temporary player. Don't expect him to be a long term starter for any one team but to bounce around from team to team as a starter.

I feel this scouting report from Mocking the Draft is really harsh on Datko, and while there are some elements I definitely see, overall I feel he'll be far better than a 'temporary player'. He wont blow you away with strength, or finesse, but he does a lot of the little things well and has a great motor. Given he would likely be a 3rd or even 4th round pick the value is most definitely there to take him and work on his weak areas.

He's a solid athlete who can bend, re-direct and block in space. However, he's had some struggles with power when trying to stay engaged and hasn't been able to stay healthy throughout his career. Nevertheless, in a weak offensive tackle class, he's one of the few prospects that possess the skill set to start in the NFL.

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Like many of these mid-round types Andrew Datko is far from the perfect offensive lineman. However, he does display a skillset that translates well to the NFL, and could develop into a valuable tackle with a little work and patience. He wont start for the Falcons right away, but given some time he could be a valuable run blocker.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.