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NFL Free Agency: Falcons 'Dropping The Ball,' Says

The Atlanta Falcons have yet to do much of anything in free agency beyond franchising Brent Grimes, bringing on two players who didn't play in 2011, and re-signing Thomas DeCoud and some backups. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as last year showed the deals tend to get better later in the opening week. Not everybody's that patient, and even some national observers are wondering what's up.'s Steve Wyche, who's among the national guys most connected to Atlanta:

I spoke to a Falcons player who said the OL was the root to the team's woes, especially in short yardage, and the remnants of what remains look even worse. Atlanta has to upgrade at left tackle and right guard, and figure out what to do at center with Todd McClure a free agent. There are a lot of solid centers available in free agency and the Falcons need to nab one to keep Matt Ryan protected.

Citing a Falcons player shows the team agrees with the fan base on the biggest need, though pass rusher remains a major concern as well.

The Birds will get deals done and bring in some new players, and Wyche points out the Falcons don't have much cap space and could still bring back John Abraham. I don't really get the sense that he'd describe the job they've done so far as ball-dropping, even though that's the headline his work appears under.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.