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Did Peyton Manning Inadvertently Help The Falcons Sign John Abraham?

The Atlanta Falcons have re-signed John Abraham after it was assumed he'd head elsewhere. He'd talked about wanting to make as much as $10 million or so per year, which the Falcons simply can't afford at this point. His suitors were narrowed to the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans, and ... hey, can you think of anything else those two teams have in common?

The Broncos and Titans are also contending for Peyton Manning, maybe the biggest name in free agency history. So their attentions are a little bit tied up right now, you see. And with no other teams taking a look at the 33-year-old veteran, he apparently didn't find quite the market he'd hoped for.

That's disappointing for him, though he gets to stay in Atlanta, where he'd said he wanted to end up all along. It's not at all disappointing for Falcons fans, however, so long as he's able to produce like he has so far in his Atlanta career.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.