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Saints Super Bowl Odds Slip, Falcons Get A Boost

As the team perhaps most affected by the punishments the NFL's handed the New Orleans Saints (besides, you know, the Saints), the Atlanta Falcons are in decent position to make a run for the NFC South title this year. Not that they wouldn't be otherwise, of course, and not that the other two teams aren't also capable. So diplomatic! has adjusted its NFC South Super Bowl odds accordingly, in light of Sean Payton's suspension for the year:

This is all before we find out whether Jonathan Vilma and other players will also miss games. If so, those numbers will draw closer and closer together. Kind of amazing to think the Saints could still be a Super Bowl favorite even without Payton, but they still have Drew Brees (for the time being!), a home field advantage that's going to be on absolute frantic tilt this year, and a horrifying suite of offensive firepower.

Stay right here for more coverage of the Saints' punishment by the NFL.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.