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Jeremy Shockey Wasn't Saints' Snitch (Despite Warren Sapp's Claim), According To Report

We knew that the NFL's bounty investigation into the New Orleans Saints was stalled after several months of investigation. We knew it was then re-started after what the NFL described as a credible source came forward to provide more detail. Now Warren Sapp, who has plenty of current NFL connections, offers this up:

That's by no means rock solid, as Sapp frames it as a rumor he's passing along. But since he works for the NFL Network, we have to at least ... note it? Is that what we're doing here?

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However, a report with intent from an actual journalist runs contrary:

Besides, there was this from earlier this month (though this really makes me wish the whole thing was true and Shockey was wise enough to plant contrary evidence weeks ago):

The Saints cut noted hothead Shockey about a year ago, opting for the younger Jimmy Graham instead. Shockey then went to play for the Carolina Panthers, a division foe. There's a plausible motive, but this is simply too perfect to be true. Reportedly.

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