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George Bryan, NFL Draft 2012: Late Round TE Option

George Bryan isn't a prospect who you'll hear much about leading up to April's draft. As is the case with most late-round prospects the tight end out of North Carolina State doesn't have an impressive resume, or all the tangibles you look to see at the next level. However, the Atlanta Falcons could be looking to add a late round TE to their roster, and while Bryan is far from the perfect prospect he would have some upside in the 5th or 6th rounds.

Standing 6'5" and weighing 265 lbs he has the height and weight you want to see from an NFL tight end. That being said, he never really put it all together at NC State where he looked better as a blocker, rather than an elite receiver. The National Football Post think he could be one of the better backups at the position.

An NFL caliber "on the line Y", he isn't a dynamic pass catching option but has the ability to make plays underneath and at least threaten the seam and can develop into a plus caliber run blocker. Isn't quite dynamic enough to start in the NFL, but could end up being one of the better reserves at the position on the next level.

Bryan wasn't invited to the scouting combine in Indianapolis, and unfortunately for him he didn't put on a great showing at North Carolina State's Pro-Day where he ran a 5.21 in the 40-yard dash. For all his shortcomings though he does have a spark to him that appears on film. I see a player who is good at fighting for the ball in traffic, and has solid ability as a run blocker as he often will pave the way on the edges.

George Bryan may not be an elite prospect, or even a very good one. However, as a late round TE option who can help Michael Turner in the run game, and give Matt Ryan a solid target in traffic I think he would warrant the Falcons taking a look.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.