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Bill Parcells-To-Saints Rumors Emerge, Of Course

The New Orleans Saints need a head coach, with Sean Payton out for the year thanks to the great Gregg Williams bounty scandal. Preferably kind of a hardass, somebody who can walk into a suddenly emotional locker room and command instant respect. Maybe somebody like ... well, yeah, somebody exactly like Bill Parcells, as ESPN is reporting has been discussed.

I don't believe that will happen. But how full circle would that be for the Atlanta Falcons if it did?

Parcells was in line to take the Falcons general manager job during Arthur Blank's cleanup of the Bobby Petrino mess in 2008. He chose the Miami Dolphins instead, and the Falcons actually came out ahead. Thomas Dimitroff's first draft class could be the best in franchise history, and the four-year run has produced three playoff trips already.

Might it be not-so-bad news again if Parcells ends up making a choice that would appear to run contrary to Atlanta's interests?

Parcells was Payton's mentor for three years with the Cowboys, and he's easily one of the best coaches in NFL history. But he's also about to turn 71 years old, hasn't coached since 2006, and hasn't worked with a franchise since 2010. He's also a defensive mind, and the biggest name left on the Saints' coaching staff is Steve Spagnuolo, Super Bowl-winning defensive coordinator and former head coach. Such a scenario could go wrong.

(I'm looking on the very bright side here, you see. Parcells and Spagnuolo could end up combining to make a fierce defense to complement Drew Brees. LA LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU.)

An arrangement wherein Parcells takes on a strict CEO role could work, but it would be quite a surprise if it ended up happening in the first place. Still, I'd say we do now know what the Saints are thinking in their search for a one-year coach.

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