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Jonathan Massaquoi, NFL Draft 2012: The Massaquoi Who Will Hit You

Aside from being the cousin of pass catchers Mohamad Massaquoi and Visanthe Shiancoe this prospect out of Troy University doesn't have any ties to the offensive side of the football. Jonathan Massaquoi is poised to be one of the better pass rushers in this draft, however he will likely get knocked by teams due to his status as a true 'tweener'.

Standing 6'2" and weighing 250 lbs Massaquoi looks like an outside linebacker, rather than a defensive end. However, he lacks the speed to play OLB at the next level and will hope to bulk up once he hits the NFL to become a true 4-3 DE. In many ways he reminds me of Eric Norwood- the South Carolina pass rusher who the Carolina Panthers took in the 4th round of the 2009 draft. Like Norwood, Massaquoi will similarly have to fight off the 'tweener' label, and this isn't something easily done. Thus far the aforementioned Norwood hasn't found his footing due to being a jack of all trades, master of none.

Despite finishing with 5.5 sacks on the year it's really hard to imagine he will be seriously looked at as a defensive end in the NFL. Time and time again we see smaller defensive ends get swallowed in the NFL, and for every Dwight Freeney there are another 15 players who never get to make a mark.

An effective small-school pass rusher because of his length. However, isn't a real flexible kid, lacks a sudden/explosive element to his game and looks more like a reserve only to me.

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It's likely Massaquoi will be available in the 5th round for the Falcons, but I don't see how he would be a good fit. At best he's a 3rd down pass rushing specialist, and even at that I believe there will be better options on the board.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.