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Falcons Free Agency: Curtis Lofton Says Saints Have More Talent Than Atlanta

Former Atlanta Falcons linebacker Curtis Lofton just decided to keep it real when it comes to his new team versus his old team, which just happen to be hated division rivals.

Lofton, who agreed to sign with the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that while he did believe the Falcons and Saints had been evenly matched over the years, it's clear that New Orleans has the edge as far as talent goes.

"I feel like Atlanta and the Saints have been evenly matched," Lofton said. "But I really feel like there is more talent with the Saints. I will say that."

It's hard to dispute that, especially if it's coming from someone like Lofton, who led the Falcons in tackling for four seasons and decided to make the jump to the rival team.

What seemed a bit shocking in Lofton's interview with the AJC is him admitting to have never eaten crawfish before. The man is in for a culture shock when it comes to food. But really, that's probably better, too.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.