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Curtis Lofton, New Orleans Saint, Says He's 'A Marked Man In Atlanta'

Does anonymously harassing a local athlete who left for your rival in free agency sound like the behavior of a "bad sports town?" Oh, we think NOT. Courtesy of CBS:

...Lofton said he's a "marked man" in Atlanta, where he still resides. He added that he stays inside his home because Falcons fans are "giving it to me pretty bad" for leaving for the Saints. "When it came down to decision time (between the Falcons and Saints), it was an easy decision," Lofton said.

Alright then! Short of any actual or perceived threats (or God forbid, any real actions) towards Lofton and his family, talking a little mess in public or on the Twitters is A-OK behavior in such self-appointed sports fan paradises like Boston, so good on you, local Atlanta Falcons fans! If the behavior of Northeasterners has taught us anything, it's that hollering at a professional athlete for his business decisions in a crowded P.F. Chang's is not only fair and just, but the behavior befitting a GOOD sports town.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.