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Bill Parcells Will Coach Saints If Sean Payton Asks Him To

Bill Parcells told Newsday writer Bob Glauber that he will consider taking the New Orleans Saints job as a favor for his friend Sean Payton.

"If this guy says to me, ‘Bill, I need you to do this,'" Parcells said of Payton, "That's what friends are supposed to be for."

So something that seemed far fetched to begin with is sounding more possible by the day. Giving control of the Saints to Parcells makes a lot of sense for Sean Payton while he serves his one-year suspension for his part in the Saints' bounty scandal.

At Parcells age, he is unlikely to want a long term position and would likely be the almost perfect caretaker for Payton and the Saints. Parcells would give Payton a replacement with a big name but not one that would be interested in his job over the long haul. Hypothetically speaking a younger option could take control of the team, perform well, and then have Saints owner Tom Benson decide that Payton isn't worth the trouble after the fall out of the bounty scandal. It is a situation that Sean Payton is likely very aware of.

SB Nation's Bomani Jones gives his take on Bill Parcels to the Saints.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.