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Matt McCants, NFL Draft 2012: The Great OL on a Bad Team

It's easy to lose a good player on a bad team, especially an offensive lineman. Such is the case of Matt McCants- a standout offensive lineman who has been lost on a 3-9 University of Alabama- Birmingham team. Unlike some of the offensive linemen who we've looked at as mid-round picks, McCants has a legitimate chance to become a starting left tackle with a little seasoning and work. The characteristics that he displays are quick feet, good athleticism and an ability to pull to block on the second level.

McCants is currently rated as the 96th best player in the Mocking the Draft overall rankings for the 2012 class. If this holds true it would put him right in the cusp of the 3rd and 4th rounds- which would be the perfect time for a player like him to the be taken. He was 1st team All-Conference USA, and was near the top in the entire NCAA in fewest sacks allowed.

At 6'6", 308lbs he has the ideal height and weight you'd like to see out of an NFL prospect at his position. If you like hard numbers he probably isn't going to blow you away. He had a terrible combine where he ran slow (5.52 seconds), didn't lift much (17 reps) and overall looked out of place. That being said, he looks a lot better on film than he did in Indianapolis, which is what scouts will be really looking at.

McCants possesses a great looking frame that has the ability to get bigger and mature physically. Athletically, all the tools are there for this kid to play left tackle in the NFL, he just needs some time to make the jump in competition and mature physically.

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At the end of the day the 2012 draft is really deep on the offensive line. There are a great deal of solid prospects, but McCants has natural ability as a LT that others don't. He should definitely be on the Falcons radar come draft time.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.