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Who Have Been the Best 55th Picks in the Last Five Years? A look at 2009

As we continue our look at the 55th pick in the NFL draft, moving towards Friday night we arrive at a player who should be familiar to Falcons' fans. Unlike 2008's Ray Rice this player hasn't broken out yet, but in each of the least two years he's seemed poise to make an impact.

"With the fifty-fifth pick in the 2009 NFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select- William Moore, Safety, Missouri"

What kind of player was William Moore going to be at the next level? Standing 6'0", and weighing over 220lbs he could easily be characterized with that deadly 'tweener' moniker; not quite spy enough to play safety, and not quite heavy enough to become a rush linebacker. To do this, however, would be a discredit to William Moore. While he's still growing into the NFL you can definitely see he has the potential to be a difference maker, and now in a division with large QBs like Josh Freeman and Cam Newton it's a huge benefit to have a large, hard-hitting safety.

In many ways 2011 was Moore's coming out party. Starting eleven games he finished with 54 tackles and 9 passes defended to couple with two interceptions and forced fumbles. Dave Choate over at 'The Falcoholic' believes 2012 will be the year William Moore will break out.

The real question is: "Would the Falcons be happy with another William Moore?" and to this end I have to say no. That's not a knock on him as a player, but Atlanta need a more immediate impact out of the 55th pick. They can't stand to have another three year project to develop. As injuries dictated in 2011 there were players getting thrust into starting roles with a 'next man up' mentality. If the selection is a CB or OL the player taken will need to be ready to step in immediately if needed.

On Wednesday we'll look at the 2010 draft as we get closer to Friday night.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.