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Who Have Been the Best 55th Picks in the Last Five Years? A look at 2010

Less than 48hrs until the NFL draft there has been a flurry activity surrounding the Falcons. Whether it's last minute meetings with prospects, or putting out feelers to Philadelphia about Asante Samuel- it's clear Atlanta are looking to make a big impact with the picks they have left from the Julio Jones trade.

In 2010 the Dallas Cowboys found a way to convert the 55th overall pick into a big impact, and it's that player we're looking at today.

"With the fifty-fifth pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select- Sean Lee, LB, Penn State"

As we look back on the 2010 draft I have the feeling Sean Lee will join the annals of Marqus Colston in the 'how the heck did he last' ranks. While he obviously didn't fall too far as he was a second round pick, the impact Lee has had in a short period is impressive. Last season, his first as a starter, Lee finished with 105 tackles, 7 passes defended and 4 interceptions.

His stock fell on draft day because teams were concerned he didn't have the size or athleticism to play at the next level, but it's Lee's instincts that have separated him from the chaff in the 2010 class- thus far looking like the best linebacker selected.

In this same manor I can't help but feel like Lavonte David out of Nebraska fits the mold in the 2012 class. While outside linebacker may not be an immediate need after taking Sean Weatherspoon last year, but the case of Sean Lee shows that overvaluing athleticism, and underestimating skill can come back to bite you.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.