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Newest Falcons Bradie Ewing Talks To Atlanta Media

The Atlanta Falcons used their first pick in the fifth round to select Wisconsin fullback Bradie Ewing. On Saturday Ewing got on a conference call to talk with local Atlanta media and he talked about various topics about what he brings to the Falcons as a fullback, his blocking ability, having college teammates on the team and other basic questions.

The main theme that Ewing kept bringing up was his versatility he can bring to the Falcons:

On what he brings to the table at the fullback position:

"I think I'm a very versatile player. I think, obviously, I can do all the things the traditional fullback can do, as far as blocking from the backfield and all that stuff. But I think I have phenomenal hands. I can catch out of the backfield, I can be split out and I can play special teams. Even in a crunch, I think I could play some running back. I did that in college and in high school, so I think my versatility."

On how the Falcons plan to use him in the offensive attack:

"I just got a chance to talk to the coaches a little bit. Obviously, they called me for the draft pick. We were just very excited; just kind of shared our thoughts and our excitement and looking forward to the future. But we didn't really talk much about game plan, but I'm excited to get into the playbook and go from there."

On what he feels he can bring to the Falcons:

"Like I said earlier, I'm just a versatile guy. I think I can do all the things as a fullback. Obviously, drafting me as a fullback, I can block. I can catch. I can split out as a receiver. I think it's my versatility and I'm just excited to get down there."

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